Songs from the Second Floor

Sånger från andra våningen / Songs from the Second Floor

Hommage, Sweden / Denmark / Norway / France / Germany 2000, 99 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

In an office corridor with myriad doors that stretch to infinity, a man clings whimpering to the leg of the boss who has just dismissed him. It's a metaphysical space, uncoupled from the concrete situation: a human being fears for his future. In this, the first film in his "Living Trilogy", Roy Andersson repeatedly creates such brilliantly evocative shots. The loosely strung together scenes are held together by a mixture of absurdist humour and despair for the world. Solitary men and women stare into their glasses in a pub. When the last round is called, they suddenly gather together at the bar. In a kind of procession, office workers parade through the street, flagellating each other with whips. In some scenes, we see traffic jams in the background. Perpetual stasis prevails.

Director Roy Andersson

Screenplay Roy Andersson

Producer Lisa Alwert

Production Company Roy Andersson Film Produktion, Sibyllegatan 24, 114 42 Stockholm, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Coproduction Office, 24 rue Lamaritime , 75009 Paris, Mail:, Web:

Cast Lars Nordh (Karl), Stefan Larsson (Stefan), Bengt C.W. Carlsson (Lennart), Torbjörn Fahlström (Pelle), Sten Andersson (Lasse)

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