Being a Human Person

Being a Human Person

Hommage, Great Britain 2020, 90 Min., DCP, Dolby 5.1, engl., sw. OV, engl. st

A close up of a saw; somebody is building a model. We are in Roy Andersson’s legendary Studio 24 in Stockholm. This is where he lives and works, this is where he has given form to his artistic visions over four decades. The model is done, the scene fades to reality. Andersson is standing at a window, taking a breather after shooting his most recent film. An interior shot begins, in both meanings of the word. In the studio, we see people from the various film trades working with concentration and dedication. But Andersson is once again absent. For Fred Scott’s camera, the director, who explores human failings in his films, speaks openly about his own fears and weaknesses, and about his alcoholism. Perhaps one must have personal experience of the tragedy of being human in order to express it. “About Endlessness” is screening in the Homage.

Director Fred Scott

Producer Jo-Jo Ellison, Mike Brett, Steve Jamison

Cast Roy Andersson, Johan Carlsson, Pernilla Sandström

Premiere keine Premiere


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