Waldhusener Forst – Forest of Stories

Waldhusener Forst – Wald voller Geschichten / Waldhusener Forst – Forest of Stories

Immersion 360°, Germany 2023, 25 Min., ger. OV

North of Lübeck is a small inconspicuous forest, where people and natural forces have left traces for thousands of years. Traces from the ice age and from the Neolithic period, traces of Slavic settlements, traces of logging and reforestation, of political borders and of the Pöppendorf transit camp—the film embarks on a journey through time and makes the history of this forest come alive.

Admission is free. Seats according to availability.

Director Annika Brucks

Producer Jakob Laugs

Festival Contact

Initiatorin: Sandra Claudy

Premiere keine Premiere

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02.11.2023 12:30 Fulldome