Sand Flight

Sandflug / Sand Flight

Filmforum, Germany 2023, 17 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

The surf tosses sand on the beach, the wind blows it inland. Nothing remains as it is, or where it was. Everything is in motion: the 200-million-year-old sand, the dunes, the sea, and the countless creatures that make their home amongst its grains. Yet human interventions such as dikes, coastal protection measures, and sand filling have made the dynamic line between water and land inelastic and stiff.

Director Doro Carl

Screenplay Elisabeth Rapp, Doro Carl

Producer Dorothea Carl

Cast Prof. Dr. Karsten Reise, Dr Annkatrin Weber, Sabine Gettner u. a.

Premiere Weltpremiere

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05.11.2023 13:15 Stadthalle Hall 7