La empresa

La empresa

Filmforum, Germany 2023, 94 Min., span., hñähñü, ger, engl. OV, ger. st

A chance encounter leads a German film team from Las Vegas across the border to the tiny Mexican village of El Alberto, made famous by the “Caminata Nocturna”. This re-enactment of an illegal border crossing into the USA was once intended to scare youth from attempting the dangerous undertaking. Today the tours are a tourist magnet and the village’s most important source of income. The Germans aren’t the first who want to film here. The residents have long since become accustomed to the media attention and want the right to their own images for their own benefit. Where is the boundary between cinematic representation, performance, and simulation? How to you shoot a film about something that already been reproduced so many times? The quiet observational film ponders these questions and captures the hustle and bustle of the village, the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and the questionable night-time spectacle itself. An essay about the significance of images and their creation.

Director André Siegers

Producer Karsten Krause, Frank Scheuffele, Julia Cöllen

Production Company

Fünferfilm Cöllen, Krause & Scheuffele GbR, Otzenstraße 12, 22767 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Ernesto Oliva Santiago, Ivonne Estefanía Garcia Castillo, Eugenio García Cruz, Miguel García, Dhyahy Barrera García, Emilio Bautista García u. a.

Premiere Internationale Premiere

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05.11.2023 16:15 Stadthalle Hall 7