Inside the Aquarium

Inifrån akvariet Inside the Aquarium

Children's and Youth Films, Sweden 2022, 20 Min., sw., arab. OV,, ger. voice over, 12 years and older

Amina and Billie are neighbours. Amina lives with her father and three brothers in a small flat and Billie alone with her mother, who lies in bed all day. They argue, but neither of them bears a grudge, and an ice cream in the aquarium seals the beginning of their friendship. Though their living environments are very different, the absence of their mothers creates a bond between them.

Director Lina Berger

Screenplay Tara Mahmoudi

Producer Nils Bolin

Production Company

Firma Lina Berger

Cast Souki Dahlberg (Billie), Rahaf Al-Tamimi (Amina)

Premiere Deutsche Premiere

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04.11.2022 13:15 Stadthalle 1 Link Cinestar
05.11.2022 10:00 Kino Koki Link Cinestar