Morfar Grandpa

Children's and Youth Films, Norway 2022, 33 Min., norw. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 10 years and older

Felix and Noah have always enjoyed spending a lot of time with their grandfather. But now, Grandpa has a severe, incurable illness that is slowly robbing him of his ability to move and, eventually, to speak. But the two boys find ways to make the most of the time the three have left together. (Documentary)

Director Torgeir Kalvehagen

Screenplay Torgeir Kalvehagen

Producer Livar Hølland

Production Company

Filmplot AS, Safirvegen 7, 3931 Porsgrunn, Mail:, Web:

Premiere Deutsche Premiere


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04.11.2022 16:15 Stadthalle 1 Link Cinestar
06.11.2022 10:15 Stadthalle 1 Link Cinestar