-22,7°C. The FullDome Experience

-22,7°C. The FullDome Experience

Immersion 360°, Belgium / France / Kanada 2021, 35 Min., no dialogue

The crackling sound of the glaciers, the breathy shifting of the pack ice, the silence of the polar night. Electronic musician Molécule went to the Greenlandic village of Tiilerilaaq for five weeks of solitude in 2017, where he recorded the sounds of the Arctic for his latest album “-22,7°C”. Working with Jan Kounen and Amaury La Burthe led to a VR experience that immerses the audience in a sensory and introspective journey across the polar region. In April 2018, his director of photography Hugues Espinasse led a team of three specialists in extreme cold filming techniques and they used their 360° camera to capture the magnificent images of the far north. The harsh beauty of these arctic worlds comes face-to-face with Molecule’s personal inner worlds, which have been conceptualised in 3D by Jan Kounen and Amaury La Burthe. With the Molécule soundtrack, the two worlds harmoniously merge and plunge us into the heart of the process of musical creation.

Director Molécule, Dirty Monitor, La Société des Arts Technologiques

Producer Hervé Verloes, Pascal Pelletier, Guillaume de la Boulaye

Production Company Zorba, Poolpio, Figure 55

Cast Molécule

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