BusterBuster's World

Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark 2021, 93 Min., dan. OV, engl. UT, ger. voice over, 9 years and older

Whether his sister is being bullied because of her disability, or it’s his father’s dubious business plans – Buster is always there to help. Some of his ideas are brilliant. Others, not so much. The same can be said of his magic tricks, since Buster is a magician. He may only be eleven, but he’s already a great magician. If you ask him, that is. Failures cannot dampen his sunny disposition. But he’s currently facing all sorts of challenges. There’s the talent show, which he really wants to win. The new neighbour girl, Joanna, who he’s a little bit taken with. And there’s the nasty Simon-Olaf, who stands in the way of both. To top it off, his friend, the old magician Larsen, has to go to hospital. Yet Buster’s faith in the world isn’t so easily shaken. After Bille August’s 1980s version, Martin Miehe-Renard’s film adaptation of the children’s book by Bjarne Reuter brings a breath of fresh air into Buster’s world and lets the little magician discover a world of magic beyond the tricks.

Director Martin Miehe-Renard

Screenplay Jesper Nicolaj Christiansen

Producer Barbara Crone, Hans Bülow Ungfelt

Production Company Crone Ungfelt Film ApS, Stenvang 9, 2950 Vedbæk

World Sales Sola Media GmbH, Rotebühlplatz 29, 70178 Stuttgart, Mail: post@sola-media.com, Web: www.sola-media.com

Cast Manfred Weber Cortzen (Buster), Magnus Millang (Vater), Ibi Støving (Mutter), Henning Jensen (Herr Larsen), Kerstin Jannerup Gjesing (Ingeborg), Viola Martinsen (Joanna), Bertil Karlshøj Smith (Simon-Olaf)


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