SkyttenDer Scharfschütze / The Shooter

Specials, Denmark 2013, 93 Min.

The new Danish government has its environment policy to thank for its success. As soon as it takes power, though, it announces that it will exploit an oil field in Greenland in a collaboration with the US. The journalist Mia Moesegaard is heavily criticized when she foresees violent reactions by the disappointed public. But then a sniper takes shots at members of the oil syndicate in an attempt to stop the drilling. He hopes for Mia's support. By revealing himself, he tries to force her from coverage into complicity: “You write, I shoot.” Annette K. Olesen uses elements of American “blockbuster” cinema in her adaptation of this gripping eco thriller about the possible exploitation of the Arctic.

Director Annette K. Olesen

Screenplay Åke Sandgren, Lars K. Andersen, Michael W. Horsten

Cast Trine Dyrholm (Mia Moesegaard), Kim Bodnia (Rasmus Holm Jensen), Kristian Halken (Steffen Husfeldt), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Thomas Borby)


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