Heimat sucht Seele

Heimat sucht SeeleSoul Settlement

Filmforum, Germany 2021, 97 Min., ger., arab. OV, ger. st

Like many others, Saher had to flee Syria in 2015. He ended up in Schleswig-Holstein, where he housed with Insa, the mother of filmmaker Hille Norden. The lawyer from Salamiyah integrated quickly – he found work, learnt German and made friends. His application for asylum was accepted, but the dream of bringing his wife Lubna and two young sons to Kiel took longer to realise. They maintained contact by phone and video, and in 2019, it finally happened – the application for family re-unification was approved. The joy was immense, as were the worries. What would happen when Saher, who over four years had come to know and appreciate the Germans, finally got back together with Lubna and their children, who had been without him for so long and had had to endure four more years of war? Norden followed and filmed the family for over a year. The result is an intimate portrait that reveals the consequences of involuntary separation and uprooting, and the challenges of integration – but that also draws attention to possibilities it opens up.

Director Hille Norden

Producer Hille Norden

Cast Saher, Lubna, Melad, Zeen, Insa, Heiner, Daniel


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