Retrospective, Finland 2018, 104 Min., fin. OV, engl. st

Singer and poet Juice Leskinen (1950 – 2006) wrote the kind of classic songs to which every Finn, even today, knows the lyrics. He was less well-known in Germany, not least of all because the Kaurismäki brothers’ 1981 film “Saimaa-ilmiö” (“The Saimaa Gesture”), which featured him on tour, was never released theatrically in Germany. His obituaries recorded that Juice died of “acute kidney failure, cirrhosis, and diabetes”. At the core of this bio-pic is how his self-destructive lifestyle affected his family and the people around him. It covers the territory from his childhood in small-town eastern Finland, to his university days in Tampere, where he discovered his talents as a singer and trouble-maker as a member of the band Coitus Int, to his discovery of alcohol as a stimulant and a balm for his sensitive soul. Brilliantly played by Finnish actor and dancer Riku Nieminen, the film reveals the uncouth folk-rock artist as a sensitive person who hurt a lot of people, including himself, as he succumbed to the temptations of alcohol.

Director Teppo Airaksinen

Screenplay Antti Heikki Pesonen

Producer Marko Talli

Production Company Yellow Film & TV Oy, Hermannin rantatie 10, 00580 Helsinki, Mail: info@yellowfilm.fi, Web: www.yellowfilm.fi

Cast Riku Nieminen (Juice Leskinen), Iida-Maria Heinonen (Marja Tolvanen), Pekka Strang ( Harri Rinne), Antti Heikkinen (Mikko Alatalo), Annaleena Sipilä (Mutter), Ilkka Heiskanen (Vater)


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