Competition Narrative Films, Norway 2021, 118 Min., norw., engl. OV, engl. st

Gritt has big ideas. She wants to write and stage a play entitled The White Inflammation. The piece is to be about the apathy that has taken hold of society in Norway and other Western countries. But when she tries to outline her artistic vision, the young woman struggles for words. She writes applications and attempts to connect with the alternative theatre scene. The more doors that remain closed to her, the more fiercely she fights for her dream. In the process, Gritt increasingly loses sight of reality. The camera reflects her inner and outer agitation, only to freeze in place again when she does. The images drift along with the protagonist, while at the same time supplying a framework in which she can continue to test herself. Gritt, feeling more and more isolated and alone, withdraws to the natural world, where she draws new strength and discovers other forms of artistic self-realisation. Like Gritt, this feature film debut seeks experimentation and crosses boundaries, yet bolsters its heroine again and again.

Director Itonje Søimer Guttormsen

Screenplay Itonje Søimer Guttormsen

Producer Maria Ekerhovd

Production Company Mer Film AS, Mellomveien 33, 9007 Tromsø, Mail:, Web:

Cast Birgitte Larsen (Gritt), Marte Wexelsen Goksøyr (Marte), Lars Øyno (Lars Øyno), Andrine Sæther (Rakel), Maria Grazia Di Meo (Frida), Lars Vaular (Lars Vaular), Linda Hverven (Tonje), Kyrre Hellum (Hansi)


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