At the Bottom of the Sea

At the Bottom of the Sea

Filmforum, Germany 2020, 49 Min., engl. OV

Timelessly beautiful mountain ranges, crags, and valleys run across the earth’s dusty surface. Once upon a time there was an ocean here that left behind a fossilised reef. Humans, with their short lifespans, barely notice the creeping environmental changes with which time has left its mark on the planet – we’re constantly in motion, moving from one place to another, fleeing from hunger, war, or forces of nature, but also driven by feelings of longing that propels us ever onward. But the focus here is on those landscapes, which have inspired any number of artists. And also on the layers of sediment that tell us about bygone, barely imaginable eras. The traces of the present are now left by migrants, who travel from Mexico across a man-made border and expose themselves to the hostile conditions of the desert.

Director Karsten Krause, Dan Boehl

Screenplay Dan Boehl, Karsten Krause

Producer Frank Scheuffele

Production Company FünferfilmCöllen, Krause & Scheuffele GbR, Otzenstraße 12, 22767 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Dr. Daniel Wescott, Edgar Aligedre, Lavoyger Druham, Matthew Johnson, Michelle Villa, Nandar Yuki, Tori Myers

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