Nordic Shorts, Sweden 2021, 11 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

Malmö 2121. Human beings have completely destroyed Earth. Max was not chosen for rescue in the ark, but he tries to get on board through deceit. When his plan goes awry, Max’s world falls apart completely. “Earthbound” conjures an evocative, atmospheric afro-futurist vision of a world in which the dualisms of human and nature, and life and death, have been suspended.

Director Baker Karim

Screenplay Baker Karim

Producer Oliver Guerpillon, Frida Hallberg

Production Company fox in the snow films AB, Web:

Cast Alexander Karim (Max), Saga Gärde (Nova), Michael Norlin (Optiker), Saptieu Jeng (Kira), Mathilde Gbotto Carlsson (Anansie)

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