We Got This

We Got This

Series, Sweden 2020, 2 x 45 Min., sw., engl. OV, engl. st

George is an advertisements director who rants and raves his way to unemployment when he loses control on set one day. With no money, and no prospects of new work, he tries to get back on his feet despite his bad reputation. Unfortunately, he’s forced to acknowledge that nobody will hire him, even as the tea boy. But he is, after all, a “creative”. Necessity is the mother of invention; the greater the necessity, the more creative the invention, and the tax office is demanding a not insubstantial amount of money. So why not steal it? He stumbles onto the fact that there is a bounty on offer for delivering Olof Palme’s assassin. Those 50 million kronor would solve all his problems. George assembles a crew of equally tragic misfits, who dub themselves the Fantastic Four and then set out to investigate the unsolved case.

Series Creator Schiaffino Musarra

Director Patrik Eklund

Screenplay Patrik Eklund, Santiago Gil, Schiaffino Musarra

Producer Anna Sofia Mörck

Production Company Jarowskij Sverige AB , Frihamnen Magasin 1, 115 56 Stockholm, Mail: info@jarowskij.se, Web: www.jarowskij.se

World Sales Banijay Rights, Avonmore Road, W14 8RF London, Web: www.zodiakrights.com

Cast Schiaffino Musarra (George), Alexander Karim (Alex), Anki Larsson (Eva), Christian Svensson (Bosse), Sandra Andreis (Sofia), Ida Hedlund-Stenmarck (Isabella), Hans Mosesson (Sture), Olle Sarri (Björn)


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