virar mar

virar marmeer werden / becoming sea

Filmforum, Germany / Brazil 2020, 85 Min., port., ger. OV, ger. st

Water is fundamental to life – and it is a force of nature that determines the life of the planet and yet seems ungovernable by humans. The lack of it, as well as its abundance, shapes not only landscapes but living conditions as well. The stories in this film are quasi in contrast and in flux. Images from the Sertão of Brazil show a sun-bleached desert landscape, where water is a rare commodity, while the German news, as if from a parallel universe, announces flooding in Dithmarschen. The houses on the lush green dykes have to be evacuated, but not everyone wants to leave. Time and again, the film returns to Theodor Storm's "The Rider on the White Horse". Thus does water become a physical and metaphysical metaphor – against the background of human existence, and the dramas and everyday observations in times of climate change.

Director Philipp Hartmann, Danilo Carvalho

Screenplay Philipp Hartmann, Danilo Carvalho

Producer Philipp Hartmann, Danilo Carvalho,Julia Alves, Ticiana Lima

Production Company flumenfilm, Fruchtallee 134, 20259 Hamburg, Web:

Cast Johannes Kirschbaum, Fernando Pimentel, Inga Richter, Larissa de Melo, Janayra Alves, Lorena Ahadzi, Jochen Picht, Angela Anzi, Astrid Adverbe, Idson Ricart, Leleda Sousa, Josafá Ferreira Duarte, Roger Ribeiro, Bernd Schoch



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