Blue Moon of Kentucky

Blue Moon of Kentucky

Filmforum, Germany 2020, 12 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

Pat, Red, and Ted are old friends and play together in the Kentucky Chickens, a rockabilly band whose best days are long behind it. After a fairly hapless concert, the trio really wants to have some serious good times again – like they used to do, in the glory days of their youth. But party time seems somehow just out of reach for these middle-aged gentlemen.

Director Josef Brandl

Screenplay Josef Brandl

Producer Rike Steyer, Nora Lemke

Production Company Skalar Film GmbH, Große Bahnstr. 33 (4.Og), 22525 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Jan Henrik Stahlberg (Pat), Milton Welsh (Red), Hans-Jürgen Alf (Ted)

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