Nord bei Nordwest – Der Anschlag

Nord bei Nordwest – Der AnschlagNorth by Northwest – The Attack

Filmforum, Germany 2020, 88 Min., ger. OV

Hannah Wagner accepts a transfer from Kiel to Schwanitz, where the new job starts with a difficult case. Jule Christiansen welcomes the newcomer warmly, but veterinarian and investigator Hauke Jacobs is less friendly. He mourns the loss of his old colleague and good friend Lona Vogt, and has trouble accepting someone new in Vogt's old post. But then things start happening thick and fast. A journalist is fatally shot, and a planned campaign appearance by the Prime Minister puts the sleepy coastal town on pins and needles. When the state policeman Frank Schmiedel, the Prime Minister's bodyguard, follows up on a tip and finds the murder weapon at Hauke Jacob's, Hannah has to decide whom she can trust. It seems that a plot to assassinate the politician is afoot – and for Hauke, Jule, and Hannah, a race against time begins.

Director Nina Wolfrum

Screenplay Holger Karsten Schmidt

Producer Claudia Schröder

Production Company Aspekt Telefilm-Produktion GmbH , Semperstraße 26 , 22303 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Hinnerk Schönemann (Hauke Jacobs), Jana Klinge (Hannah Wagner), Marleen Lohse (Jule Christiansen), Peter Prager (Reimar Vogt), Cem Ali Gültekin (Mehmet Ösker), Stephan A. Tölle (Herr Töteberg), Regine Hentschel (Frau Bleckmann)

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