Friedrich Hebbel – Traumbilder

Friedrich Hebbel – TraumbilderFriedrich Hebbel - Dream Images

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 90 Min.

Friedrich Hebbel's life, spanned between poetic passion, gaining a livelihood and loving two women, makes him become one of the most significant dramaticians of the 19. century. He creates classics that remain unalteringly intriguing. His monumental Nibelungen work is presented under modern direction at Landestheater Neuss while the Vienna Kellertheater presents a contemporary interpretation of his socio-critical tragedy “Maria Magdalena”. Martina Fluck's full-length documentary simultaneously recounts the productions' development and the stony ascension from a young pauper in Dithmarschen to a celebrated author in Vienna.

Director Martina Fluck

Screenplay Martina Fluck

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