The Ghost of Piramida

The Ghost of Piramida

Retrospective, Denmark 2012, 58 Min., engl.

Piramida was the name of a Russian coal mine on Spitsbergen, abandoned since 1998. At one used to be 1,000 Soviet citizens living here. Alexander Ivanovic Naomkin was one of them, and was their faithful chronicler. His parents worked here, before and after World War II. He began documenting life in Piramida on 8mm film in the 1960s, filming both work and parties and other leisure time activities. In the summer of 2011, the Danish trio Efterklang travelled to Piramida, and elicited the most astounding sounds from abandoned artefacts. The film combines images of the former with Alexander Naomkin's old films, or underlines the latter with pieces from Efterklang's fourth album “Piramida”, which ensued after the band's travels. “It is a film about silence, remembering, creation and destruction.”

Director Andreas Koefoed

Screenplay Andreas Koefoed, Jacob Schulsinger



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