63rd Nordische Filmtage Lübeck – Homage to Trine Dyrholm

The 63rd Nordische Filmtage Lübeck (Nov. 3 – 7, 2021) will dedicate its homage section to Danish actor Trine Dyrholm and screen five of her key films. The celebrated actor will be on hand to accept her honorary award as part of the film festival’s opening night ceremonies on November 3 at the CineStar Lübeck. Her latest film “Margrete – Queen of the North”, directed by Charlotte Sieling, will be shown in Competition at the NFL, celebrating its German premiere on November 4.


“We look forward to Trine Dyrholm’s visit to Lübeck”, says Thomas Hailer, artistic director of the festival, “The Nordische Filmtage have been a part of her journey and the festival has screened many of her films. With her precise acting style, she defies typecasting and instead re-invents herself as an actor with every role. The films we are showing in the Homage reveal Trine Dyrholm’s range as an actor”.


Trine Dyrholm is considered Denmark’s most successful female actor and is the only one to have won the Bodil, the Danish film prize, seven times. In addition to her many other honours, she won the 2016 Silver Bear for best actress at the Berlin Film Festival for her work in Thomas Vinterberg’s film “The Commune”.


Born in 1972 in Odense, Dyrholm was already plying her craft even as a young child, appearing onstage, working for children’s radio, and singing. She attended the state theatre school in Copenhagen, and was lauded by critics and audiences for her debut role as the pregnant teenager Pauline in “Spring Tide” (1990). She continually expanded her repertoire in numerous theatrical films and TV roles. Dyrholm acts regularly in international as well as German productions, including Ulrich Köhler’s “Bungalow” (2002) and Lars Kraume’s TV series, “Bauhaus – A New Era” (2019).


Interviews with Trine Dyrholm

Trine Dyrholm will be available for interviews in Lübeck on Nov. 4, 2021. Please submit your request to presse@nordische-filmtage.de. 


Homage Films


En Soap (A Soap) - Denmark 2006

Dir: Pernille Fischer Christensen

Bored with her relationship, Charlotte moves into a new apartment. One of her new neighbours is the trans woman Ulrik. The two watch American soap operas together and are increasingly surprised by their feelings, including for each other.


Little Soldier (Lille soldat) - Denmark 2008

Dir: Annette K. Olesen

A traumatised Lotte returns from her deployment to Iraq. She finds work chauffeuring a prostitute working for her father from john to john. She develops the feeling that she must protect the young woman from Nigeria.


Love is All You Need (Den skaldede frisør) - Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, 2012

Dir: Susanne Bier

Ida is relieved when it seems she has survived breast cancer. But her husband is cheating on her. She decides to travel to Italy by herself for her daughter’s wedding. Even before she arrives, she has an encounter with the father of the groom.


Nico, 1988 - Italy, Belgium 2017

Dir: Susanna Nicchiarelli

Heroin-chic singer Nico went on tour in 1986 with a new band; it would be last tour before her premature death. Trine Dyrholm does not imitate the legendary singer and actor, she inhabits the woman behind the myth and interprets her songs.


Queen of Hearts (Dronningen) - Denmark, Sweden 2019

Dir: May el-Touky

Successful lawyer Anne and doctor Peter are a storybook couple. But when Peter’s 17-year-old son from a previous relationship moves in with them, Anne feels challenged by his aggressive behaviour – including as a woman.