Films From the Faeroe Islands and “the New Miguel Alexandre” as Specials

Four exceptional short films from the Faeroe Islands put the focus of the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck Specials section onto a Scandinavian film region that has hitherto been little noticed. Besides the experimental project “Memories for an Apartment: A Suite in Five Short Films” by the Faeroes’ most famous director Katrin Ottarsdòttir, the section includes three films by up-and-coming filmmakers: “The Passenger” by Sakaris Fridi Stórá, as well as “Cigarette” and “Silent Light” by Anton Petersen.

Furthermore, the Specials include five Scandinavian full-length feature films that will be released in German cinemas in the near future. “Ronal the Barbarian”, currently Denmark’s number one box office hit, is a crass 3-D animated film that tells the tale of a lanky barbarian as a disrespectful parody of the fantasy genre. Following a 15-year wait, Nordic Film Days Lübeck presents the sequel to the Swedish thriller “The Hunters” from 1996: “False Trail” sees the return of police officer Erik (Rolf Lassgård) to Norrland. “Babycall” and “Headhunters“ offer insight into the Norwegian thriller genre: “Babycall” by Pål Sletaune stars Sweden’s superstar Noomi Rapace as a caring mother who threatens to lose her mind over her fears for her son. “Headhunters” is a business thriller based on a novel by Jo Nesbø, which looks behind the façade of a successful headhunter played by the cinema star Aksel Hennie.

Noomi Rapace in "Babycall"

The Swedish feel good movie “The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes (Lingonberries)” by Lena Koppel provides a contrasting programme: Based on the activities of the “Happy Hudik Theatre” in Stockholm, the film tells the tale of a young dreamer who discovers the true value of life in his work with mentally disabled people. “The Man with the Bassoon” pays homage to a great artist and entertainer as well as recounting a remarkable family history in 20th century Europe. Miguel Alexandre from Lübeck has adapted the novel of the same name by Udo Jürgens and Michaela Moritz into an opulent, epic film.

Young directors are waiting to be discovered in the Specials short film programme: Peter Gornstein from Denmark with “Peaceforce”, Gustav Danielsson from Sweden with “The Twin” and Hallvar Witzø from Norway with “Tuba Atlantic”, this year’s winner of the Gold Student Academy Award. Incidentally, the other Student Academy Award winners “Bekas” and “Raju” are being shown in the youth programme and the Filmforum.

Udo Jürgens in "The Man with the Bassoon"