Programme Itinerary Published on October 20th

The programme-itinerary of the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck will be published on Thursday, October 20th, 2011. Cineastes and festival guests can view the complete list of films and their screening times online, and can put together their own daily itinerary. The link "Programme" is accessible via the Nordic Film Days Lübeck website The entire programme can also be viewed in the Nordic Film Days Lübeck catalogue, which will be available as of Saturday, 29th October for 6 Euros at the following points-of-sale:
  • CineStar Filmpalast Stadthalle, Mühlenbrücke 11, 23560 Lübeck
  • Pressezentrum (Ticket Sales), Breite Str. 79, 23552 Lübeck
  • LN-Pressehaus, Dr.-Julius-Leber-Str. 9 - 11, 23552 Lübeck
  • Lübeck und Travemünde Marketing GmbH, Holstentorplatz 1, 23552 Lübeck
  • Ticket Sales at Haus Weiland, Königstr. 67a, 23552 Lübeck
  • Kommunales Kino Lübeck, Mengstr. 35, 23552 Lübeck
  • Filmhaus Lübeck, Königstraße 38-40, 23552 Lübeck

Advance ticket sales start on Sunday, October 30th at 10am at CineStar Filmpalast Stadthalle and on Monday, October 31st at 9.30am at Pressezentrum (Ticket Sales). With the start of advance ticket sales it will also be possible to acquire tickets online at the websites of Nordic Film Days Lübeck and CineStar Filmpalast Stadthalle