COVID-19 Info

Dear visitors and guests,

we are very pleased about your visit to the 63rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck and would like to make your stay as pleasant and safe as possible. Therefore, you will find an overview of our rules of conduct here.

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we ask you to pay attention to the following:

Treat your health and the health of those around you with respect. Only attend the events if you feel healthy. If you feel sick, we kindly ask you to stay home. Due to the pandemic we are still in a special situation and trust that all our visitors behave respobsibly.

Only people who are fully vaccinated, recovered or tested are allowed to visit the festival.

Please bring your vaccination certificate (complete vaccination usually given 14 days after the second vaccination), a proof of recovery or a negative test result (antigen test, valid for max. 24 hours or PCR test, valid for max. 48 hours). A self-test is not sufficient. Children up to the age of 6 are exempt from this regulation. 

In the case of underaged pupils, it is sufficient to present a school certificate stating they are regularly tested twice a week as part of school protection concept. This regulation also applies to children who go to school in another federal state and visit Schleswig-Holstein.

Please find out here when full vaccination protection is available for your vaccine.
You can find an overview of the Lübeck testing stations here.

We recommend keeping a distance of 1.5 m from other visitors and avoiding close encounters.

Please also pay attention to signs indicating the direction of travel, wayfinding systems, as well as information concerning entrances and exits.

Hand disinfection is available at the entrances, exits and toilets.

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly for at least 30 seconds with soap under running water. Dry thoroughly afterwards. 

Cough and sneeze into a tissue or hold the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose. Keep your distance from other people or turn away.

We recommend that you wear a medical mask on the walkways and in the sanitary rooms. 

Please pay with EC or credit card if possible and only in exceptional cases with cash.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact the staff on site and please follow their instructions.

Thank you very much!